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What is scratch media in Backup Exec and does it contain valid data?

What is scratch media? Learn what it is, how to create it and use it effectively with Backup Exec from Symantec.

What is scratch media (in Backup Exec), and how I can create it?

Scratch media is media that contains no valid data and to which backup data can be written (probably named as an analogy to scratchpad or starting from scratch). With Backup Exec, as with most other backup software products, scratch media is media that is labeled, defined to the program, ready for use and containing no valid data.

As for the second part of your question, short of rewriting the detailed procedures included in the administrator's guide, here are a few different ways to create scratch media:

  • Erase the media.
  • Label the media.
  • Format the media.
  • Change the overwrite protection period for the media set.
  • Move the media to scratch media.

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