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What is SCSI Express designed to accomplish?

Independent storage expert Marc Staimer answers a SCSI Express question in this Expert Answer.

What is SCSI Express and what is it designed to accomplish?

SCSI Express, or SCSIe, is an emerging standard designed to optimize PCIe-based SSD potential. PCI Express is gaining popularity because of the low latency associated with installing the flash storage within the server.

SCSI Express specifications are actually quite similar to Nonvolatile Memory Express (NVMe), but they are managed by a different industry association called SCSITA.

Like NVMe, SCSI Express defines an interface, command set and feature set that takes full advantage of multicore architectures optimizing their driver stacks so they are better able to handle SSD IOPS. Over time, many industry watchers expect that SCSI Express and NVMe will merge.

Editor's note: To learn more about SCSI Express, check out NVMe and SCSI Express emerge, defining specs for PCIe-connected SSDs.

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