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What are the pros/cons of implementing storage management in an online services industry company?

What are the pros and cons of implementing storage management in an online services industry company, like banking and brokerage? What may be some of the immediate benefits?
For one thing, there are no cons to implementing storage management tools anywhere, unless you buy the wrong tools and use them the wrong way.

In the banking and brokerage markets, availability of data is crucial. You need strong tools to know A) how available the data is as it sits on the storage array, B) how well-performing and reliable your storage network is to deliver that data when it is accessed, C) how secure that data is in transport (and whether the user is allowed to access that data), D) how much capacity that data takes up on the storage system and E) how valuable is this data and should it be held onto for SEC or other federal regulations. Those are some of the benefits of virtualization/volume/device management tools, storage network management tools, storage security tools (today a combination of storage management and storage security appliances), storage resource management tools and archiving/hierarchical storage management (HSM) tools.

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