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What are the benefits of increasing storage on my 6 GB hard drive?

I have a 6 GB hard drive. What are the benefits of increasing this to say 40 or 60?
Thank you for the question. Most current Operating Systems can create a page file or swap space on the computer's local hard drive by swapping out the memory consumed by applications to disk. This is virtual memory. The Web site How Stuff Works has a great review of the information. Your older 6 GB hard drive is most likely a rotationally slower disk then even the least expensive 40 or 60 GB hard drive today, which run at 5,400 RPM. What does this mean? It means that the faster the disk's rotational speed, the faster it can access data and get it to and from the computer's processor and memory for the application to work on it. Also, the newer hard drives are able to cache disk blocks close to the blocks that are being read, which will further enhance the performance.

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