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Volume showing up twice: What am I doing wrong?

I am new to SAN technology. My problem is that I have created a volume in my SAN box and assigned it to one of my servers. But in the server, it is showing up twice. One is accessible and the other is not. What am I doing wrong?
You may want to verify the configuration of your SAN box and determine if you have dual or redundant controllers. Assuming that you have only the one LUN or volume that you created and made accessible to your server, if you have a dual controller and your server saw both controllers, then it would appear on your server that you have two volumes when in fact you only have one. Similarly if you had a single controller, however two adapters (HBAs), attached to the storage device via a switch, it is possible that your server might see it two times. Check your volume mapping and masking along with volume manager and adapters settings.

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