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Video/audio related commands and APIs

Are there any commands or APIs available to write/read the data (video/audio) from video board (I/O) to hard disks through SCSI controllers (RAID 0) using ultra DMA? Are there any APIs that allow you to talk between video I/O board and SCSI controller?

There are specialized video capture cards that have an on-board dedicated CPU to capture real-time video, compress...

it with the algorithm of your choice (usually MPEG) and store that captured data directly to disk. The solutions start cheap, such as the PC based "snappy" adapter, to the very expensive, (dedicated professional beta-max based decks).

Your best bet to find more information on this subject would be to browse the newsgroups under "alt.video.capture", or buy a subject matter related magazine. Most video related APIs are used to pull data and move data to either system memory or video memory on the card itself. I'm not sure if one exists for SCSI related interfaces. Perhaps Microsoft's Web site can help you. Look under "DIRECTX 8.0", for any references.


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This was last published in January 2002

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