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VPN products for encrypting data in flight

Windows has a native IPsec feature that is useful for those applications that need encryption for their IP-based backup traffic. Do you know if AIX, HP-UX or Solaris have a similar integrated feature? If not, is there an inexpensive third-party vendor that could provide a single product for all of these four computer platforms? I am looking for something that would encrypt the data before it leaves the NIC and would de-encrypt the data before it goes to disk or tape, just in-flight encryption.

QLogic announced last November that they would have an HBA that would provide this capability but its debut is not imminent and it is iSCSI based not just plain IP.

You can find VPN products that provide encryption of data in flight. There are other products also but VPNs provide better flexibility.

Many vendors run their VPN solutions as part of firewalls. I believe IBM has a firewall that runs on AIX and supports VPN/IPSec. You will need to contact individual vendors to ask what platforms its products run on and whether they interoperate with others. Check with Microsoft, it's done some interop testing with other vendors.

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