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Using an Oracle DB in a SAN environment

We use Oracle Financial 10.7 SC on HP-UX 10.2 and direct-attached storage. We want to know, if we can use a SAN environment for our Oracle Financial database with HBA on Unix m/c.

Where can I get more information specifically in the area of performance of an Oracle DB in a SAN environment?

Yes, you can run those versions of Oracle financials and HP-UX 10.2. The HBA to use would depend on the type of server platform you are using:

Operating system Platform HBA Interface Driver Version
HP-UX 10.20 T-class A3636A HSC 1Gbit HP-UX Bundle
- R-class A3591B HSC 1Gbit HP-UX Bundle
- K-class A3404A HSC 1Gbit HP-UX Bundle
- D-class A3591B HSC 1Gbit HP-UX Bundle

The above HBA adapters are HP OEM adapters. The good news is if you use the HP branded HBAs, they will support you if you have an HBA problem.

The place to go for more info on HP-UX, Oracle and best practices is on HP's Web site.

Hope this helps!


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