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Using NAS for one-time and ongoing transfers

I have been asked to arrange the transfers of 800GB of data from one-third party site to another (in a hurry) and I am considering purchasing a small NAS for the purpose. Do you have any advice or suggestions?

I'm not sure I understand. Is this a one-time transfer? If so, purchasing a NAS as the target with some means of sending the data (ftp, dedicated lines, tape transfer, etc.) will be fine for your storage if it meets your performance, reliability and security needs.

If you are doing this on an ongoing basis (either data migration or remote replication) then I would assume you are talking about a NAS with a remote replication feature. There are a few NAS products that support that over Fibre Channel or IP. Those are a little more costly and you must add the operational procedures to handle keeping this active and monitored. A NAS device should work in either situation provided you pick one that meets your requirements. There is a wide variation in products so do your homework.

Randy Kerns
Evaluator Group, Inc.

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