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Using NAS Dell Power Vault devices

I would like to use my two NAS Dell Power Vault devices as a backup solution. I have two, each in a different location. I want to replicate files from 15 servers in two locations to NAS1 and four servers in two locations to NAS2. Then, replicate the two NASs to each other and finally attach a tape device to NAS1 to create historical backups from one device. Is this a good plan and what replication software do you recommend?

What you are doing will certainly work. You need to make sure your network connections are fast enough to get the data moved in the timeframe you require. Also, make sure, if you are competing with other network traffic, you don't get bogged down (or cripple other applications) that could cause activity to spiral in with dropped packets and collisions. I suggest monitoring the traffic and doing the homework to figure out how much data you have to transfer against what your current effect rates are during the time period in question.

There are several software packages to do what you want. The issue you need to focus on first is what is your connection (I assume it's remote) and what are the requirements. Look at some of the network data replicator software from the major software vendors and you should have several to choose from.

Randy Kerns
Evaluator Group, Inc.

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