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Understand which SSD specs are most important

SSD expert Dennis Martin explains which SSD specs you should care about and why they are important in this Expert Response.

When vendors are selling their solid-state storage products, they all seem to use different specs and stats when they tout their products. What are the SSD specs that users should really pay attention to?

For an enterprise, you want to know about endurance and you certainly want to know about performance; you want the warranty. We are now seeing five-year warranties and 10-year warranties, in some cases, so that is a good thing. You should look at how the products are designed. When looking at an individual drive, you want to know about the interface: Is it SAS? Is it SATA? What is the speed? What is the sustained write level?

If you are looking at a whole array-based product, then you should look at how the array itself is designed. How does it get the bandwidth from the drives, through the array and back out to the host? What is the design principle for the cache and for the drive interfaces?

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