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Troubles with Caviar and Medalist

I run two hard drives. One is a 2.2GB Caviar the other is a 6.0GB Medalist. I believe the Caviar is the master and Medallist is the slave. I run Windows NT 4.0 and the computer fails to boot up. It will not pass the BIOS screen. Could you help me to recover the data on the hard drives? Thank you.
I would start with disconnecting whichever drive is not the OS drive. You might then want to try booting an NT CD and choosing the "repair an existing NT installation" option. If it fails to recognize your hard drive, you may be out of luck. Those are some pretty old drives. I think it's time to upgrade. I hope you've got a backup somewhere. If the data is really critical and you can afford it, you can try one of the data recovery services, but they are very expensive for the home user.

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