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Tricord's Lunar Flare

I am looking for a midrange NAS solution and I am considering Tricord's Lunar Flare NAS product. It appears they have introduced a new twist to NAS products. I was wondering what your opinion is on Tricord's Lunar Flare NAS product.

We don't make specific product recommendations, however, I'll give you a few observations.

One of the big problems with NAS devices concerns the ability to scale in capacity without additional administrative effort. Typically, when you add another NAS product, the administration is not only incrementally increased, it can get worse in balancing the capacity and workload. The Tricord NAS solution addresses these by adding intelligence within the devices to do an aggregation and present a single NAS image regardless of how many (up to a limit) of the devices that are attached.

Other significant issues such as failover, remote copy, point-in-time copy features may not be solved but the scaling and administration problem is. We also always caution users about new products in that it takes a while for them to stabilize in the field. That doesn't mean we recommend against them, just to add that in to the decision for acquisition and the negotiation.

Randy Kerns
Evaluator Group, Inc.

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