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Transfer related errors

We have installed a JNI SCSI SBUS HBA in a SUN Ultra 2. The Ultra 2 also has Solaris 2.6 installed. The problem is that the system now reports SCSI TRANS_ERRORS. These errors occur whenever the device connected to the HBA is queried. Can you please lend some insight into this problem?


It would help to know what kind of storage is connected to the other end of the bus. But for transfer related errors on a SCSI bus, I would check the following:

Your cable lengths are within the SCSI specification for either standard or differential cabling. Your bus is terminated correctly. Your terminators are the correct type and the resistors in the terminators are not flaky. (Check for a burning odor on the terminators or just swap in a new one.) You are using the proper cables. SCSI 2 cables are different than SCSI 3 and FWD are different than standard SCSI. If your controller is LVD (low voltage differential), you need LVD devices on the other end with LVD cables and terminators.

Connect the devices to a different server to verify functionality on the device end.


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