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Top mistakes users make when switching from HDD to SSD storage

In this Expert Answer, Leah Schoeb of Evaluator Group discusses the top three mistakes people make when switching from HDD to SSD storage.

What are the top three mistakes people make when switching data from HDD to SSD storage?

First, the biggest mistake I see people make is not understanding the unique behavior of solid-state storage and treating solid-state drives (SSDs) the same way as hard disk drives (HDDs), and overprovisioning them the same way, too.

Another mistake is looking at price rather than value when purchasing solid-state storage. The common metric in purchasing HDDs is usually price per gigabyte. This metric does not demonstrate the value they will be getting from using solid-state storage. The metric needs to change to price per performance. When a price-per-performance metric is considered, it is possible to calculate the true total cost of ownership of a solid-state storage purchase.

Third, people expect the "out-of-the-box" performance they see on the first day will be the same level of performance they will see months later. When SSDs are first used, they yield a temporary artificial performance hike, but then settle down to a steady performance level once the cells have been written to.

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