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Top five stories for NAS in 2002

With the new year just starting off, we're looking ahead to what might be. We asked our expert, Randy Kerns, to give us his top five storage trends/technologies predictions for 2002 or, what we should watch out for.

  1. DAFS entering the NAS market will create new levels of performance with database software that is VI enabled.
  2. NAS vendors will start selling TCP/IP Accelerators (sometimes called Offload Engines) with NAS products to provide significantly enhanced performance.
  3. SAN and NAS Convergence will continue. Driven by administrative cost issues and the usage of NAS in enterprise environments by storage professionals, various forms of convergence will occur. The most popular will be a NAS Gateway or HEAD providing file access into data managed within a SAN.
  4. NAS management aggregation becomes more predominant with tie-in to SRM packages.
  5. Confusion over when to install NAS or SAN continues. Understanding the application and business requirements is the issue that a salesman probably can't help with.

Randy Kerns
Evaluator Group, Inc.

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