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Titles and compensation

I am looking for job descriptions and salary information as they relate to the salary survey you have been conducting through this Web site. Specifically, Storage Administrator and Storage Consultant. Anything you could provide would be of great help.

I'm sorry, I am unable to answer specifically.

1. Storage consultant is so broad a category, it could relate to a whole lot of things: Architecture, products, strategic direction, etc. As such, the salary for such a position would vary a lot and depend on what your industrial experience was "before" you decide to become a consultant.
2. Storage Administrator is also somewhat vague. Do you mean Systems Administrator for a pool of storage products?

Bottom line: Titles do not drive compensation. It's your "experience" and previous accomplishments that will cause a company to decide what they'll pay.

If I misunderstood, ask again, and please be more specific.

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