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The workings of a single enterprise subsystem

I enjoyed your webcast on "Designing your SAN for mission critical OLTP applications." Can you recommend any books or white papers on the same subject besides the November issue of "Storage" magazine?

Also, on an enterprise array subsystem the disk channels provide enough performance I/O to support both DB and log files within same array subsystem due to Fibre controllers/split I/O and redundancy. Do you agree?

The Oracle Web site has a few good white papers I've listed them below:

Guidelines for Using Remote Mirroring Storage Systems for Oracle Database by J. Bill Lee, Oracle November 1999.

Guidelines for Using Snapshot Storage Systems for Oracle Databases by Nabil Osorio and Bill Lee, Oracle Corporation October 2001.

Optimal Storage Configuration Made Easy by Juan Loaiza, Oracle Corporation.

As to your question/statement about a single enterprise subsystem supporting both log and tablespace I/O, yes of course it can work. If you are running a transaction processing system you want to look out for I/O bottlenecks. One way to avoid them is to put log file write-intensive I/O on a dedicated channel with dedicated disks. I would be more concerned about disk contention than I would about channel bottlenecks.

As always there are many variables involved with something as complex as database TP I/O.


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