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The price per managed GB/month for a SAN

Would you please help me find, on the Web, the price per managed GB/month for a SAN?

Price depends on the complexity of the solution. If it includes backup, it's more. If it is enterprise class storage and includes advanced services like data replication for disaster recovery, it gets even more expensive.

There are companies out there that will drop storage on YOUR site and manage it "soup-to-nuts" for you. These types of storage solutions may seem expensive at first but if you remove the cost of the bodies you need to manage your storage resources, it may be able to save you money in the long run. Also, if you just do not want to be bothered with storage or even servers for that matter, it may be useful for you to outsource your IT department to folks who really love doing it.

You can figure price ranges in the $4.99 to $14.00 per GB of managed storage in the mid-tier to near high-end solutions. Complete solutions that handle disaster recovery and governmental regulation compliance can cost more.

To find solutions on the Internet and get a good idea on pricing, do a search for "storage hosting solution."


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