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The many benefits of a SAN, Part 2

We are about to implement a SAN solution. We want to know if there will be benefits from connecting Microsoft terminal services and proxy servers to the SAN?

From our side, we believe that we have to connect only applications that generate important data and need to be stored on a storage media like SAN/NAS and no need for any applications that needs only processing power from the server and do not generate valuable data like DNS, terminal services, DHCP, Proxy, etc.
Understanding the benefits of a SAN

The benefits of using a SAN are many, since a SAN usually has a very high return on investment (ROI), makes the total cost of ownership (TCO) of computing less, and has a pay-back period (PBP) based in months instead of years. Following is a list of many of the ways you can expect a SAN to be beneficial.

There are financial benefits of the SAN, but you should start with the operational and tactical benefits of the SAN, namely:

* Long distance with FC getting away from SCSI limits, and provided up to 10KM.

* Higher performance 200 MB per sec.

* High connectivity rates for the sharing of pooled storage.

* Higher availability of data access paths.

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