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The importance of NVMe and SCSI Express for PCIe SSD development

Leah Schoeb of Evaluator Group discusses whether the emerging SCSI Express and NVMe standards will have an impact on PCIe flash adoption.

Will the Nonvolatile Memory Express (NVMe) and SCSI Express standards increase adoption of PCIe-connected SSDs?

In order to take full advantage of the performance and benefits of PCIe-based solid-state storage, having standards such as NVMe and SCSI Express for vendors to design around is a must.

PCIe offers very low latency and high performance, as well as eliminates host bus adapter costs and reduces power consumption. Storage latency has become more important than ever for new applications dealing with big data and supporting data analytics. Getting the most out of solid-state storage to support the real-time needs of these applications is critical. Bypassing the traditional SCSI stack can greatly shorten the I/O path for an I/O request.

NVMe and SCSI Express are aimed at simplifying and standardizing the manufacture of PCIe-connected devices. As consumers see the value of getting the most out of their investment in solid-state storage and pricing continues to drop, we will see an increased adoption of PCIe.

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