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The future of e-mail databases

I've often heard that NAS has issues with databases and so this question is about e-mail databases on NAS. The specific package I'm looking at is Novell's GroupWise and I know that Microsoft has withdrawn support for Exchange on NAS. What does the e-mail databases on NAS future look like?

I think in the future there won't be issues with e-mail databases on NAS. For one thing, NAS devices will improve in performance with the use of TCP/IP accelerators. For another, I think database developers will see the value in allowing the customer to have a choice depending on his own environment. The real issue is understanding your own requirements and determining which solutions fit. There will be many choices but not all may fit your needs. A vendor won't be able (or inclined) to do that work for you. Would you believe the vendor if they did? You need to make wise and informed decisions and not use a leap of faith based on marketing hype.

Randy Kerns
Evaluator Group, Inc.

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