The future of SATA and SAS SSD

Independent storage expert Marc Staimer discusses the future of SCSI and SAS SSDs in this Expert Answer.

Will SATA and SAS SSDs likely continue to exist, filling different needs? Or is it more likely that one will overtake the other?

SAS is a more robust interface than SATA, with dual ports and end-to-end data integrity. SATA is a cheaper interface. SAS SSDs are gaining in popularity because of that robustness and a narrowing of the price differences.

But this is the storage market. In the storage market, no interface technology ever really dies. It was not that long ago when ATA was thought to be on its last legs, and then SATA appeared. There are still storage products utilizing bus and tag, a 60-year-old technology. The storage market is risk-averse. There is no winner take all.

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