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The future and storage devices

Can you tell me what the future holds for storage devices and what devices have become commercially available over the last five years? I'm doing a project at school and need to know these things?

Your question is far too broad. Storage is an enormous area, so whatever I say will be wrong in one way or another. It seems like you want to know about device level stuff. You're going to have to do your own research but it shouldn't be too hard.

Go to searchStorage's advanced search engine, powered by Google, and search for "DLT Tape drive", "AIT Tape drives", "8mm tape drive", "DVD ROM drives", "DVD RAM drives", "Ultra SCSI", "SCSI-III", "SCSI 3", "SCSI disk drives", "SCSI performance", "Fibre Channel disk drives", "ATA performance" and "IDE performance." Also, go to the Web sites of the following companies and search for new technology.

Don't forget "solid state memory", "flash memory", "firewire storage", "Fibre Channel storage" or "iSCSI storage" in your search.

Marc Farley

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