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The difference between Veritas Volume Replicator and Storage Replicator

I'm interested to know more about Veritas products. The problem is that I still don't understand the difference...

between Veritas Volume Replicator and Veritas Storage Replicator. I have a 6 GB database that needs to be replicated to the another server over a WAN. What's the best way to do this?

Veritas Storage Replicator is a Windows-based asynchronous data replication solution. It can replicate entire server volumes, file systems or single files across a WAN via IP. It also supports many-to-one replication meaning that many remote Windows systems can replicate to one central Windows system where data can be backed up.

Veritas Volume Replicator is supported on both Unix and Windows and is a volume-based replication solution. It requires the Veritas Volume Manager to be installed. Depending on the distance, replication can be synchronous or asynchronous. With Volume Replicator, it is also possible to replicate across heterogeneous platforms (i.e.: Solaris to AIX).

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