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The benefits of consolidating your data centers

What are the benefits of consolidating my data centers?
Migrating from multiple data centers to one data center, at a high level, is going to do a couple of things for you, and to you:

a. Fewer sites mean a dramatic cost savings, obviously, because you are not paying for redundant parts of your data center such as human resources, environmental and electrical infrastructure, extranet infrastructure and the basic financial burden of having multiple operations space in different building/geographies. Replicating data at fewer locations means less expense on managing that data at multiple facilities and paying for the cost burden of having the infrastructure at the multiple locations to support redundant copies of the data.

b. Not having a remote site at all means you have a single site of failure in business resiliency scenarios but it's possible that the remote site failover may be more cost effective as an out-sourced solution instead of an in-house managed one. It completely depends on your business model, the amount of data you count as mission critical and about a thousand other variables.

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