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The Shark and the iSeries

My company is considering buying a SHARK system to run its iSeries processing. I have heard numerous rumors that Shark does not work well with iSeries. Is this true and is there data out there that can substantiate the claims?

Thanks, Dave.

My advice here would be to look at the research done by the industry analysts to confirm those rumors. Objective third party opinions are a good place to start to either confirm or deny rumors, as some vendors like to use "FUD" in their arguments against competitive products.

I personally have not heard that rumor, nor have I done testing with iSeries and the Shark so I have no opinion either way.


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Webcast preview: Debunking the seven myths of tape

There's no doubt about it. Several analysts, disk vendors and other proponents of disk-based backup methods have been spreading rumors about the ultimate demise of tape in the enterprise. They usually cite a number of factors to back up their claims. Could they be right?

One senior analyst, Dianne McAdam, of Data Mobility Group, chose to buck traditional wisdom here. She produced a report earlier this that debunks what she sees as the seven, most prevalent "myths" surrounding the current and future potential of tape in the enterprise.

SearchStorage.com asked her to join us for an expert webcast on the topic. Here, she shares more on each of the most common statements she's heard against tape.

She claims that not only is tape alive and well, but will continue to be a powerful medium for disaster recovery, archival and adherence to governmental and regulatory guidelines. Find out the role she sees tape playing in today's (and tomorrow's) data centers.

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More about "Debunking the seven myths of tape

What are the seven myths Dianne debunks in this webcast?

Myth #1: The tape market is shrinking.

Myth #2: Disk is less expensive than tape.

Myth #3: Tape is old technology.

Myth #4: Tape can't improve much more.

Myth #5: Disk replaces tape as backup.

Myth #6: Tape is only good for backup.

Myth #7: Tape is boring.

This webcast was conducted as a lively and interactive interview with SearchStorage.com Senior Editor Michele Hope. Beyond covering each of the above myths in some detail, McAdam shares a number of other excellent insights on the best use of tape subsystems and the relative success of different tape formats, such as DLT, SuperDLT, LTO, AIT, etc. She also describes some best practices to keep in mind when incorporating disk and tape in a backup infrastructure.

If you currently work with automated tape libraries or tape drives and have to manage various backup efforts accordingly, you need the information McAdam provides in this expert webcast.

Please join Dianne McAdam for this webcast right now.

About Dianne McAdam:

Dianne McAdam is the senior analyst and partner of the Nashua, N.H.-based Data Mobility Group .

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