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TRIM support, compatibility with major operating systems

Leah Schoeb of Evaluator Group discusses which operating systems provide TRIM support in this Expert Answer.

Is TRIM standard across operating systems at this point?

Many operating systems now offer TRIM support, which is designed to improve write performance. TRIM allows a NAND flash device's controller to manage the erase process after data is deleted from a cell and before the next write to that cell occurs.

Linux started supporting TRIM back in late 2008, but not all file systems supported by Linux support TRIM. Microsoft Windows started to support TRIM in late 2009 with Windows Server 2008. OpenSolaris began supporting TRIM in the middle of 2010. Android for mobile devices just started to support TRIM in 2013.

So, at this point, many but not all major operating systems support TRIM, which is currently available for SATA interfaces only. UNMAP is a similar command for SAS and SCSI.

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