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Swapping software

We are running a Sun E450 server under Solaris 2.5.1 with 278Gb of disc storage spread across 40 drives in three locations. Up until now we have been using Solstice DiskSuite 4.1 to administer the mirror and submirrors as this is allocated as, but we have recently been experiencing disc errors and failures that do not get detected by DiskSuite until it is too late. Would there be any advantage in swapping DiskSuite for Veritas or would we be simply making a rod for our own back?

Is there any possibility of you moving to a newer version of Solaris? I think you will find that there are advantages to how I/O is done, process threading and other kernel level tweaks that will provide for cleaner integration with the latest version of Solstice. Another approach would be to move to a more reliable disk environment with more bandwidth between the server and the disk. Software is only as good as the equipment you run it on. The E450 is robust, but I have no idea what storage you are using. Veritas has always been noted on the Solaris platform as a great solution for storage management. You may be handicapped by the current version of Solaris you are using though. Software support is always better on the latest OS version.


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