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Streaming storage

What exactly are CIFS streams and is there a white paper on it? And, how do you compare it to NFS? Does DAFS support streams?
As far as I can tell, there is not a special technology called "CIFS streaming." Now it may be possible to transfer streams of multimedia data over a CIFS connection but I do not believe CIFS offers a QoS mechanism that would give special treatment to certain data types.

DAFS may have something for streaming based on InfiniBand technology because IB has a QoS component.

There is one other piece of information to pass on here: There is a data format called CIF, for Crystallographic Information File, which has been used for video data and can be streamed.

Whatever, I don't believe there is a special storage method tied to streaming. Streaming and storage tend to be non-compatible. Streaming technologies often allow lost packets to simply be discarded in order to present video or audio images/sounds, more or less in real time. They are chiefly concerned with maintaining a certain bit rate so a receiver of the data can watch and/or listen to it. Storage, of course, does not tolerate lost information and bit rates are not interesting in storage networks. Performance is tied to bandwidth and latency, not bit rate.


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