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StoreAge SVM and Veritas VM

Does StoreAge SAN Volume Manager (SVM) and Veritas Volume Manager (VM) work together?

I'm not familiar with the StoreAge SVM solution. The Veritas Volume Manager works at the file system level, and with the foundation suite of software, can provide snaps, replication, striping, journaling file system, and path fail-over with DMP. The StoreAge solution may be redundant if this is what you are looking for. But, if you're looking for LUN management and reporting at the SAN level, then the Veritas solution should be transparent to any other management platform.

Veritas also has a solution called SANpoint Control that should suit your needs for SAN wide reporting and management and it's always nicer to have "one throat to choke," if you will, when it comes to an entire environment.

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