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Storage management software

What storage management software currently manages storage in terms of offline, nearline and online storage?

There is no simple answer to this. it's a subject that would require significant research, evaluation and the best answer would depend upon your exact requirements. There are now so many tools out there and nearly all of them feature a central view of computer storage resources and their usage. I'd highly recommend reading this article in Storage Magazine.

Dennis Martin gives an excellent overview of the better SRM tools out there. Which offering is best really depends upon what your environment is like for example, are you needing charge-back/cost-accounting functionality or just wanting to maximize performance or both? And if so, do you need to monitor NAS, SAN and DAS or just DAS?

I agree 100% with Dennis' statement that, "Choosing a good SRM package allows those assigned with storage management and administration responsibilities to be trained on one SRM tool that works regardless of the storage hardware. This lets you get more control of your constantly growing storage empire. After all, you don't want to be the last to know that your storage inventory is out of whack with your company's business needs." So don't skimp on features to save a few bucks.

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