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Storage industry predictions for 2002

Looking ahead to what might be, our newest expert Dr. Vijay Ahuja shares with us his top five storage predictions for the coming year. Virtualization and IP storage make the list.

  1. Storage virtualization will take center stage. Vendors will need to work together, and there will be efforts to develop standards to avoid a "virtual-chaos."
  2. In IP Storage, iSCSI will lead the pack in acceptance. There will be growing pains for iSCSI due to interoperability issues and complexity of security technologies. However, iSCSI will continue to grow on a steady pace due its strong fundamentals, i.e. moving storage traffic over IP networks.
  3. Fibre Channel security will take center stage for storage security. Expect strong standards activity followed by vendor response.
  4. Gigabit support will become a common yardstick for storage appliances.
  5. For data security, Denial of Service Attacks including viruses will become more severe, thereby requiring increasing focus on multi-layered security approaches.

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