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Storage 101 -- a few basic definitions

What are the differences between hubs and bridges, SONET and ATM, SS7 protocol and OSI references model protocol, frame relay and cell relay and finally, CDMA and TDMA?
This is the type of question I get in trouble for answering because I can't go into much depth on each part.

Hubs connect entities in a network much like a common wire. Bridges connect two different networks and forward traffic between them.

SONET is synchronous optical network technology and ATM is asynchronous networking technology that works over multiple types of media.

SS7 is a complete message exchange system (stack) mostly for telephony applications. The OSI reference model is a computer data transfer system best known by its layer stack.

Frame relay is a MAN/WAN network technology with variable length frames while cell relay is a MAN/WAN network technology with fixed length frames and ATM is based on cell relay.

CDMA/TDMA is about wireless cell phone type stuff, not my bag.


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