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Space utilization with SANs

My company has a large SAN with over 70 T of storage attached. We are looking at various solutions to help manage the storage utilization including tools from BMC (BMC PATROL). They can only monitor 250 servers per central server and each central server has its own database and they are not able to me merged. So far it appears the solutions are not very scalable.

I read about a company in New York that developed their own in-house solution using SAS in New York because they could not find solutions that were scalable. We are thinking of going that route until the software matures. (Having cron jobs run on the servers and report utilization.) Do you nave any information on what other companies with very large SANs are using to determine space utilization for servers on the SAN?

This is a great question. I wish I knew what the best answer was. You are already working with BMC, I think that's a good start. Keep at them if they can't give you what you need because this is the type of environment they want to cover.

Otherwise, look at Sun's Highground product, Veritas' SanPoint control or W. Quinn's SRM product. I don't know if any of them will meet your needs, but those are the vendors I would be working out on.

Marc Farley

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