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Solaris 8 problems

Have you heard about FC problems in Solaris 8 on SunBlade series? I tried to use both Qlogic amd Emulex FC cards with the latest drivers for Solaris 8, both with negative results. My setup is: SunBlade 100 with a clean installation of Solaris 8; Qla2200 card with rev.3.07 driver for Sun SPARC; P-2-P connection to a FC-DA disk. I panic during device configuration (first time during drvconfig and then upon restart). Thank you for any pointers.

I have not heard of any problems with the SunBlade itself. This is a question which most likely should be posed to the storage vendor you are using. I have many customers on Solaris 8 with zero problems and that goes for the Qlogic adapters as well.

Check the Qlogic Web site at: http://www.qlogic.com/bbs-html/csg_web/adapter_pages/sw_page.html to make sure you are using the correct driver for the storage vendor you are using. EMC, HP, IBM require specific driver versions for the HBA to operate correctly with their storage.

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