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Snapshot only?

What do you think of a hardware-based "snapshot-only" strategy for backups? Is this really feasible, and if so, could we get rid of our backup software? We do not know of anyone using this strategy and would not want to be the first, even though an overzealous hardware vendor states that it will work.
As with any data protection strategy, there are always numerous variables that will determine which approach is the most suitable. If both storage arrays are in the same location, the solution offers only limited data protection, and a backup software product might be required to automate the production and management of offsite copies of the backup data.

Conversely, if the storage arrays are in separate locations, this may alleviate the need to produce additional offsite copies. However, your organization's backup data retention policy may impose the use of a lower cost storage media such as tape for longer-term retention.

You must then consider the solution's ability to provide file-level granularity from a restore perspective as well as flexible backup data management capabilities. With the growing popularity of disk-based backups, a number of creative solutions have emerged on the storage market. As always, the solution of choice must first meet your business requirements, then your budgetary constrains. The best place to start when evaluating attractive new technology is to assess your current technology's ability to meet your recovery requirements. If it does, a change may not be required.

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