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Snap servers

What is a snap server?

A Snap Server is a Network Attached Storage (NAS) product from Quantum. Snap is a trademarked name that Quantum uses for their product. A NAS product is one that provides storage over a network (typically Ethernet with TCP/IP) as a remote file system. A server or workstation wanting access to the information on the NAS product would use a redirector in its program stack to access the information from a file system on the NAS device over the network. The NAS device is effectively "mounted" to the server or workstation to make the remote file system available. Protocols for accessing the information that are typically used are NFS (Network File System) and CIFS (Common Internet File System). With a NAS device, files can be shared among several clients. The majority of usage for NAS products has been in departmental and workgroup environments where data needs to be shared for various reasons such as engineering files, etc.

For a detailed description of the specific Snap product, go to Quantum's Web site at http://www.snapappliances.com/. For a general introduction to Network Attached Storage, download the white paper available on http://www.evaluatorgroup.com/.

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