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Six questions to ask about future and existing security plans

With compatibility and interoperability in mind, what questions should be asked when evaluating storage products and vendors with regards to existing and future security plans?

Here are a few questions to consider asking:

1. How flexible is your product to support my existing security policies? (You may want to specify some of the security policies for storage networks and stored data.)

2. If you use RADIUS server, ask how compatible the vendor's product is with the RADIUS server? (Be sure to specify your RADIUS server vendor.)

3. How interoperable is your product with other storage vendors' products?

4. Which storage security standards (or proposed standards) does your product currently support?

5. Which storage security standards (or proposed standards) does your product plan to support in future? Do you have a timeline or roadmap for when you plan to implement other security standards?

6. If your product uses IP networks, how compatible is it with my VPN products?

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