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Should we use CAT 5 cabling to assign an IP?

Do we connect a CAT 5 cable to the SAN switch in order to assign an IP?
CAT 5 cabling is commonly used for implementing copper-based Ethernet networks to support IP traffic. CAT 5 cabling, usually with RJ45 connects, is simply the wiring between Ethernet switches and other Ethernet devices. If you are referring to a SAN switch as a Fibre Channel switch, then CAT 5 is only used to establish an IP connection for management purposes, preferably on a separate or isolated network segment. Now if the SAN switch has an Ethernet blade to support iFCP, FCIP, or iSCSI, then a CAT 5 cable with RJ45 connectors could be used for an Ethernet connection. Note also for attachment to intelligent switches that support NAS, CAT 5 could be used to attach to Ethernet-based IP networks for NAS access. While Fibre Channel supports copper cabling (although not CAT 5) mainly for use inside of storage enclosures, but Fibre Channel-based SANs typically use fiber optic cabling.
This was last published in September 2004

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