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Should I set up persistent binding on HBAs?

How do I set up persistent binding on HBAs in a SAN environment with a Windows 2003 host? We are using Legato to control backups on a Sepaton device.
Is there a specific reason that you need to set up persistent binding on your HBAs for your Windows 2003 server? While persistent binding may be applicable, you might also be able to accomplish similar results using port (hard) zoning or WWPN (soft) zoning. You should check with your backup device manufacturer (e.g. Sepaton) as well as EMC Legato for their specific recommendation. This might vary depending on whose HBAs you are using on your Windows 2003 server. Are you using Fibre Channel? If so, chances are that you are probably using a Qlogic, Emulex or some other adapter. Those vendors have information on their Web sites detailing setup and configuration for these things, including persistent binding instructions using their management software.

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