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Shipping swing boxes and servers

I am planning to migrate my HP EVA5000 and Compaq MA8000 to an IBM ESS 800 in another location. I am unable to use replication, so I am going to use a swing box (array) and ship it and the server to the new site. What's the best way to do this?
I would say, carefully. All kidding aside, this is a common practice in the storage industry that is also used to start the set up of a mirror, or a level 0 initialization of a mirror. A few customers that I have worked with have coordinated with their vendor of choice to provide a spare unit with the disk shelves on one end to copy the data onto and then ship the disk shelves over to the new site (mirror) and connect them to the new storage unit, thus lowering the total amount of work and copy time down to a minimum amount.

As far as the physical shipping of the unit(s), I would recommend contacting a bonded carrier and working with the carrier on the requirements for the shipment. Also, you should work with the vendor to understand any shipping requirements. The vendor's manufacturing arm has already run a battery of tests to determine the specific shipping variables that the equipment can tolerate without breakage.

I hope that I helped you out. Thanks again for the question.

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