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Server-based replication for Netware

Storage expert Brett Cooper offers advice to a SearchStorage.com reader who inqured about server-based replication for Netware.

I have an EMC CX300 SAN serving storage to NetWare 5.1 and Windows servers. I now want to replicate to another location, but the CX300 does not support array-based replication. Thus, I need server-based replication and I am struggling to find a tool for NetWare. Any ideas? Thanks!
Don't quote me, but I know that Novell offers replication software for their hosts and they also now support iSCSI, so you could set up a NetWare Server as an iSCSI target and even set up some basic JBOD or DAS storage to replicate the EMC CX300 to. Or you could look at a dedicated iSCSI target, like the NetApp Storage Solutions. I know that they are supported by Novell NetWare and provide an iSCSI Solution, plus they have built-in replication and can support a LUN on Fibre Channel or iSCSI interchangeably. I hope that I was able to help you out.

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