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Scale Eight's new technology

Recently I have been marketing for a company that operates an Internet infrastructure service. The global network stores, manages and serves files over the Internet. I am not sure if you have heard of Scale Eight or not but they have a new technology solution outside of what others are doing now. They specialize in storing electronic files. (i.e, images, photos, video clips and movies, Music, audio files, investor broadcasts, enterprise assets: documents, training videos, product drawings, conference calls, etc...)

My question to you is what are the pros and cons about a company choosing to go with Scale Eight, considering they are storing all files in their data centers across the globe? In contrast to EMC and StorageNetworks, Scale Eight has taken a big step in that the service allows you to have all of your data stored in one place but at the same time, it gives you access to that data from anywhere in the world via the internet. Once again the service enables files to be directly accessed by servers and various applications spread across multiple sites, as well as potential end users, via a browser. The service instantly deploys, no other storage solution can provide this capability. Can you give me some advice on what you think and what others might think of this as well?

We were briefed by Scale Eight on their global NAS as a service called MediaStore. We believe that there is a market for what they're targeting. They really are providing a means of storing "unstructured data" in very large amounts but still having a management view of local devices. It will be interesting to see how this turns out. They are new but have some successes so far that they can reference so, given your particular requirements, they would be worth evaluating.

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