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SSD controller technology continues to improve endurance, performance

IT expert Dennis Martin of Demartek discusses SSD controller technology developments that increase endurance and performance in this Expert Answer.

SSD controller technologies seem to be the true added value for flash storage. What controller technology developments do you see coming?

There is a lot of activity going on, as there has been for some time now, especially to get to the enterprise level that we need for both endurance and performance. We are seeing a lot of technology with interesting ways of optimizing the way data is written, so it does not have be to written as frequently on the flash, which improves the endurance.

SSD controller developments are increasing endurance, but we are also seeing performance improvements being added to bring MLC and TLC solid-state drives, eventually, up to the levels close to where SLC is today, to offset the cost. TLC, in my opinion, is not really ready yet for enterprise. The endurance is not up to where it needs to be yet.

We are seeing data optimization. We are seeing clever ways of using memory, that sort of thing. There is a lot of SSD controller secret sauce out there that is being improved.

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