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SOS: Save our Shark

We are working on our disaster recovery plan for all of our systems that have file systems on the ESS Shark. This is fairly clear from a DR standpoint. My question is, what about the Shark itself? How do I save the configuration for that? Unfortunately, I do not have the luxury of a support agreement with IBM. I have looked through docs for the Shark but have been unable to find an answer to finding out how to save the Shark configuration.
This will largely depend on what you mean by "saving the configuration for the ESS." Through the management Web interface, it is possible to save a copy of the logical configuration much like you would with some FC switches. Unfortunately, this is where the similarity ends. Unlike some FC switches, you cannot load the saved configuration onto another ESS. You can only use the saved configuration as a reference to configure another Shark. You have to recreate the LSS and LUNs manually. The ESS has no capability to automatically reload a saved configuration.

This may seem like a limitation but it is not much different than a system with DAS (direct-attached storage). You may be able to restore volume groups, logical volumes and file systems from a backup but you must first recreate RAID arrays if using hardware RAID.

As an aside, when doing your DR planning, make sure you factor in the time it takes to recreate the RAID arrays when calculating recovery times; the creation of large arrays can consume quite a bit of time before any data can be restored.

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