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SATA on a Dell Dimension 4400

Storage expert Greg Schulz discusses using SATA on a Dell Dimension 4400.

Can I use a SATA hard disk on my Dell Dimension 4400? The Dell support agent says I cannot use it, because the mother board does not support it. But, I see ads on the Web for IDE-SATA interface cables. What are they? Are there any controller cards which can help?
Dude (could not resists the Dell phrase), if you are getting a "no" response from Dell for your disk question, either hang-up and call a different Dell support person, or re-phrase your question.

While you may not be able to attach a SATA hard disk drive directly to the motherboard in place of the IDE/ATA drives, you could install a PCI-SATA adapter and attach your SATA disk drives using one of your PCI slots.

The catch is what drivers are supported depending upon your operating system, drive types and adapters.

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