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SAN professional sites

Good morning Mark,

My question is from a different angle - I need to find a good Director of SAN. With the technology being extremely young, I'm having a hard time finding individuals with the qualifications needed. Any professional sites that can help with this challenge would be greatly appreciated.


If I read your Web site correctly, you are in the placement business? Don't feel bad, it can be difficult finding people for this job, especially if your client's business is outside of areas where the technology is being developed.

I don't think I have many good ideas for you for finding many folks, but it may help you to place a notice on the searchStorage site at https://searchstorage.techtarget.com/. Another idea would be to work with an agency in the bay area who might have access to the skill pool you need. There's a building interest in people leaving the bay area right now and you might get lucky finding the right person.

Marc Farley

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