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SAN management tools

Hi, are individual vendors providing SAN management using CIM or JIRO tools? What's the best strategy to design a SAN management tool for a vendor specific H/W such as a switch.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the question, which I passed along to some of the smartest developers in this space that I know. Kirin Dambala, a chief architect at Tek-Tools, responded to your query.

"Yes, individual vendors are providing a CIM interface in their devices for management applications to be able to query data. Since CIM is a standard model developed by a large number of hardware vendors, it is important for a SAN management application to be CIM compliant particularly when interoperability is critical."

"The benefits of CIM are: it is XML based, uses a web-based approach (HTTP), enables management applications to query different types of devices in a similar fashion requiring little or no changes in the management app, has an ability to generate events, and also enables the management app to remotely push configuration to the devices. The hardware vendors generally use CIM to model asset information, configuration of devices and performance statistics."

"If you would like to see a live combination SNMP/CIM technology demonstration, I'm going to be at Networld + Interop in Las Vegas next week and I could walk through a more detailed explanation of CIM and show you the types of data that it provides, if by chance you plan to attend that show. (Tek-Tools Booth #7824) If not, feel free to give me a call and we can talk off-line. 972-980-2890"

I couldn't have said it better. You may also want to check out Storage Networking Industry Association's Web site at http://www.snia.org/ as well.

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