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SAN implementation and the WWN

We are working on SAN implementation and I would like to know if we have to define a naming convention for the WWN.

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Naming conventions in a SAN are generally used to help people make sense out of those long WWN name addresses when doing zoning in the SAN. You don't need a naming convention but it may be very useful when trying to figure out what goes where when you do zoning. Before you create a zone in your switches, you can associate an "Alias" to the WWN addresses or switch port names. You then use these aliases in your zone sets, to associate server HBAs with storage ports.

Say you have two servers. One is running your mail and the other is running a SQL database. There are two HBAs in each server and each server is attached to two storage ports in the SAN. You can log into the switches and rename the WWNs for your servers to something like "Mail1pathA" and "Mail1pathB", "SQLpathA" and "SQLpathB" or you can use the nodename instead.

All the pathAs would be in one fabric and all the pathBs would be in another fabric. You can rename the two storage port addresses to something like "ProdA" and "ProdB". You would then create two zones in each fabric that associated the pathAs to the storage port ProdA and the other fabric would contain the pathBs associated with the storage ProdB port.

You can use any naming convention you want. Just make sure it makes sense for your environment, and that you are consistent. One thing to watch out for is using the same names in different fabrics. ALWAYS use unique names for EVERYTHING. This way if you ever have to connect the fabrics together you will not have problems with naming conventions.


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